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Maine To Battle For Marriage (AGAIN)

Maine's Secretary of State has approved the request to begin gathering signatures on a petition to put marriage equality back on the 2012 ballot. In 2009 the state legislature approved same-sex marriage, but that action was undone by the fascist criminals at NOM, who immediately launched their successful repeal campaign. No gay marriages ever took place in Maine.
“We’re excited for the signature gathering phase of this campaign to start and we’re eager to start asking all of our friends and family in Maine to sign the petition,” said Rita Clifford, one of the original signers of the petition who lives in Scarborough with her partner of almost 30 years, Sara Jane Elliot. “So many of our friends and neighbors have heard first-hand how important the responsibilities and commitment of marriage are to us and we know we’ll get a lot of support from them and many other Mainers.” If it qualifies for the 2012 ballot and is approved by voters, “An Act to Allow Marriage Licenses for Same-Sex Couples and Protect Religious Freedom” would permit gay and lesbian couples to obtain licenses to legally marry in Maine. It would not require churches to perform such marriages in violation of their religious teachings.
Maybe by November 2012 we'll finally see NOM forced to reveal their Maine donors. As the courts long ago ordered them to.

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