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No 2020 Olympics For NYC

New York was among the four American cities hoping to vie for the 2020 Summer Olympics, but this week the United States pulled entirely out of consideration, citing a long-running revenue sharing dispute with the International Olympic Committee.
The decision by the Olympic committee, made in advance of the Sept. 1 deadline to submit bid cities to the International Olympic Committee, was conveyed last weekend to the American cities considering bidding for the 2020 Olympics. Chicago, New York, Dallas and Las Vegas were among the cities that had shown interest. “We haven’t been engaged in the process and haven’t been focused on bidding at any point lately, so we just let the cities know that we aren’t going forward,” Patrick Sandusky, the spokesman for the U.S.O.C., said Monday in a telephone interview. “We couldn’t, in the time we had left, put together a bid that was fair and a bid that could win.”
Rome, Tokyo, Madrid and Istanbul have all announced plans to bid for the 2020 Summer Games. That decision will be announced sometime in 2013.

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