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Red Turns Green For NYC

Last year New York City's 150 red-light cameras generated an astounding $52M in fines, a new record since the cameras were first installed four years ago.
The cameras generated 1,053,268 summonses, pumping $52.7 million into the city's coffers. That's up about $15.5 million - 29% - from 2009, when there were just 100 cameras citywide, according to Department of Transportation stats. This year's numbers aren't yet available, a DOT spokesman said. Each $50 red-light summons is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle, along with a crystal-clear photo of the license plate - and the car as it breezed through the intersection.
DOT officials said that in most cities the number of violations at each camera location tend to go down once drivers learn where they are. Not so in NYC, where (unsurprisingly) city leaders want another 50 cameras.

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