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Tony Perkins On Bert & Ernie

"Not only do gays want to force their lifestyle on you and me, but they want to enlist felt-faced non-humans in the fight! And this is on top of the demands for a transgender character to join Sesame Street. For years, the same-sex community has insisted that all they want is the "right" to marry their partners. If that's true, then why do they need to indoctrinate kids? Why recruit children and corporate America and public education? Obviously, the goal here isn't to be left alone to do what they want. The goal is to force the whole world--including small children--to celebrate their sexual behavior. Families are already working overtime to protect their children's innocence. The last thing they need to worry about is the ABCs of indoctrination." - Tony Perkins, whose Christianist hate group daily indoctrinates children into their murderous cult.

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