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Transwoman Confronts Black Israelites

For those unaware, the Black Israelites, who believe themselves to be the lost tribe of Israel, are probably the most vile and violent anti-gay street preachers in the nation. A recent expose revealed that many members are woman-abusing convicted felons with drug and alcohol addictions. Standing on street corners in their Earth, Wind & Fire costumes, they frequently rail against homosexuality and loudly call for the Godly murders of gay people. Watch this clip from their own YouTube channel in which a young transwoman bravely confronts them at great length. Clip description:
After brothers shut down the camp, an unclean spirit in the form of a homosexual/transvestite came and spewed all kinds of wickedness. This is the type of demonic activity America allows. This is what happens when you promote homosexuality. You cause a young black man to corrupt and castrate himself. Repent Israel! Be not partakers of her (America) sins.
UPDATE: YouTube has pulled the clip for violating their rules on hate speech.

RELATED: Last month a member of a Black Israelite-affiliated sect was arrested in North Carolina after murdering a four year-old boy for "acting gay."

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