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Ed Koch Flip-Flops On Obama

Remember how closet case and former NYC Mayor Ed Koch supported an anti-gay Republican for the U.S. House in order to punish the president for "abandoning Israel"? Remember how much mileage NOM has gotten out of that mess? Forget all that, because now Koch says he loves the president again because Obama clearly "got my message."
Koch says he's pleased with Obama's stance on the Palestinians' bid for United Nations membership, urging more talks with Israel before any action is taken. The U.S. vowed to use its Security Council vote to block the Palestinians if necessary. "What I said earlier was that I thought that President Obama had engaged in hostile actions toward the state of Israel, and I wanted to send him a message not to take the Jewish voters for granted," he told the Daily News. "The message was delivered and I noticed that President Obama's speech at the UN and support of Israel were superb."
Koch says he's now "back on the bus" for Obama 2012.

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