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FOTF Launches Drive To Donate Anti-Gay Books To Public School Libraries

In observance of this month's Banned Books Week, Focus On The Family is asking its members to donate anti-gay books to public school libraries.
Want a creative way for your family to act as the “salt and light” in your local community? Consider this idea for a family project: Donate books to your neighborhood and school libraries that communicate a faith-based and socially conservative viewpoint on hot-topic issues such as homosexuality and abortion. [Snip] The American Library Association (ALA) claims that Banned Books Week is about celebrating “the freedom to access information and express ideas” even if they “might be considered unorthodox or unpopular.” Challenge the ALA to honor its own principles by going to your local public library, or a school library, and donating books that communicate your family’s worldview. This is also a great way to be a part of giving people in your community access to a redemptive perspective.
According to FOTF's Ratty Hairpiece Woman, Banned Books Week is an non-crisis invented by the "extremist" American Library Association as some sort of anti-Christian plot. And then she goes on to give advice on how to object to books that "concerned parents" wouldn't want children to see.

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