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Gary Johnson Condemns Booing

Former New Mexico governor and 2012 presidential candidate Gary Johnson has joined former Sen. Rick Santorum in condemning the audience members who booed an openly gay soldier at this week's GOP debate.
"If I have one regret from last evening, it’s that I didn’t stand up and say, you know, you’re booing a U.S. serviceman who is denied being able to express his sexual preference," he said. "There’s something very, very wrong with that." Johnson said he was "chomping at the bit" to respond to the audience, but he was reticent to speak out due to his exclusion from the recent debates. "I’m feeling a little bit like I’m walking on egg shells," he said. He told Sharpton he believes the repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which went into effect on Sept. 20, should have been done "a long time ago."
Johnson is by far the most gay-friendly of the entire GOP presidential field. Therefore, of course, he is at the bottom of the pack.

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