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GOProud Board Member Ann Coulter Endorses Booing Of Gay Soldier

"Only eight Republicans in the entire U.S. Senate supported eliminating Don't Ask, Don't Tell. It's safe to assume that no one on the stage supported this sexualization of the military, except maybe one of the nut candidates polling at 3 percent. This is not an anti-gay position; it's a pro-military position. The basic idea is that sexual bonds are disruptive to the military bond. Soldiers, sailors and Marines living in close quarters who are having sex with one another, used to have sex with one another or would like to have sex with one another simply cannot function as a well-oiled fighting machine. A battalion of married couples facing a small unit of heterosexual men would be slaughtered." - GOProud board member Ann Coulter, endorsing the booing of a gay soldier during last week's GOP debate.

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