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Meg Whitman Tapped To Run HP

Failed politician and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman has been hired to run the foundering HP, who last month pulled the plug on their brand new line of tablets.
Whitman replaces current CEO Leo Apotheker after a short-lived,11-month stint, as the Silicon Valley giant continued its steep decline in both profit and investor confidence. HP not only suffers from poor leadership, but also lack of leadership – Whitman will be the third CEO to take charge of this iconic corporation in crisis. Whitman is no stranger to taking massive and unexpected career leaps, most often amidst intense skepticism. She’s a power woman leading with what she calls “a bias for action” throughout her career. While rising up the traditional management track in blue chip companies such as Hasbro and Disney, Whitman uprooted her family across the country to take the helm of EBay.
Last year Whitman spent $144 million of her own money to lose to California Gov. Jerry Brown. HP seems like the perfect home for somebody with that record.

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