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Michigan GOP Gov. Rick Snyder Caps Welfare Eligibility At 48 Months

Beginning October 1st, many Michigan residents who have been on welfare for more than 48 months will face homelessness and starvation. Because GOP Gov. Rick Snyder has signed a bill to that effect.
Gov. Rick Snyder on Tuesday signed into law a stricter, four-year lifetime limit on cash welfare benefits, prompting advocates for the poor to warn that tens of thousands of residents will find themselves without cash assistance on Oct. 1. Michigan's first-year Republican chief executive said the state will offer exemptions to the limit for those with a disability who can't work, those who care for a disabled spouse or child and those who are 65 or older and don't qualify for Social Security benefits or receive very low benefits. Some recipients who are the victims of domestic violence also may be temporarily exempted. "We are returning cash assistance to its original intent as a transitional program to help families while they work toward self-sufficiency," Snyder said in a statement. He noted that the state still will help the poor by offering food stamps, health care coverage through Medicaid, child care and emergency services.
Michigan is currently ranked 48th in employment rates. What, exactly, are people supposed to do?

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