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NEW YORK: Slaggie Gilamonster Attends Broadway Reading Of Prop 8 Play

Towleroad reports that Maggie Gallagher was spotted in the balcony of last night's celebrity reading of the new play about Proposition 8. Andy Towle:
So what could Gallagher have hoped to glean from her perch in the balcony? Perhaps she was finally enlightened last night, that her mission is flawed and hateful, that it is futile, that what she has been working for for years destroys families, hurts children, and is ultimately un-American? I fear that she did not. I fear that what was behind her motivation to sit there and watch her words come out of Houdyshell's mouth was some sort of ego stroke, a pat on the back, a motivational fuel for her anti-gay engine.
Towle's spies added that Slaggie kept her snout in a large noisy bag of snacks throughout the performance. Classy! Hit the above link for more photos and a review of the evening.

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