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PayPal Boots Four Hate Sites

PayPal has severed its relationships with four notorious hate groups after a petition campaign from All Out called on the money transfer giant to abide by its own mission statement against abetting violence and hatred. Via press release:
The PayPal option has been disabled on the websites of Truth in Action Ministries, Brazilian extremist Julio Severo’s sites, Noua Dreapta, and Dove World Outreach Center—organizations whose regular anti-LGBT hate speech puts them starkly at odds with PayPal’s own ethics policy, which states that account holders “may not use the PayPal service for activities that [...] promote hate, violence, racial intolerance”. has called for ten organizations to be removed, and has attracted almost 40,000 signers from around the world to its petition asking for PayPal to take action. In response, the successful campaign has been dubbed “the latest example of homo-fascism,” by ‘Americans for Truth About Homosexuality,’ a notoriously virulent anti-LGBT group. PayPal said this week it “take[s] very seriously any cases where a user has incited hatred, violence or intolerance because of a person’s sexual orientation.”
Truth In Action is the former Coral Ridge Ministries, the Fort Lauderdale-based megachurch founded by dead dead dead homophobe D. James Kennedy. Dove World Outreach is the home of Florida's Pastor Terry Jones, the anti-gay asshat who burned Korans on national television, an act that arguably spawned murderous riots in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

Huge props to All Out on this win. Porno Pete, you're NEXT.

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