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Ryan Idol Convicted Of Attempted Murder

Former gay porn star Ryan Idol (real name Marc Donais) has been found guilty of attempting to murder his girlfriend.
Donais, 45, was accused of using a toilet tank lid to batter his ex-girlfriend in the head in an attack at the woman's home on Sept. 5, 2009. The adult film star, who identifies as bisexual although he performed in gay porn, and the woman had broken up before the incident. During the trial, Donais testified that he thought his ex-girlfriend had a knife when they were in the bathroom, where she was taking a bath. He said he hit the woman in self-defense. Jurors, however, didn't buy his argument.
After retiring from porn, Idol tried his hand at acting and appeared in the Broadway revival of The Ritz. (I saw him in that.) In 2008 he got caught up in a financial scandal involving a Birmingham, Alabama city council member, who was accused of embezzling money from a children's charity to pay Idol $30,000 for "computer repairs."

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