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Theocratic Christianist Group: We Totally Don't Want An American Theocracy

Jay Sekulow, of Pat Robertson's American Center for Law & Justice, says that the lamestream media is trying to con the public into believing that Christianists want to install a theocratic government. His argument isn't very convincing.
The new insinuation is that conservative Christians are engaged in a concerted effort to establish a theocracy here in America. Under the guise of so-called ‘Christian Dominionism,’ our alleged goal is, “replacing American law with the strictures of the Old Testament.” Nothing could be further from the truth. As I have explained before, Christians who seek to participate in the political process do so not as an attempt to install some type of theocratic rule, but to ensure that the government fulfils its God-ordained role in society to promote justice, provide security, and protect the God-given freedoms of its people. Evangelical conservatives are fighting for freedom and basic human rights around the world. Our main adversaries are often theocratic governments.
Shorter Sekulow: "We don't want a theocracy, we just want everything 100% run the God-ordained way. There's a DIFFERENCE!"

RELATED: Sekulow's employer, the ACLJ, routinely sues public school districts to force them to allow Christian prayer ceremonies and similar events. They also convinced the Supreme Court that it was constitutional for evangelists to harass passengers in airport terminals.

ALSO RELATED: Over the last decade tax-exempt Christian charities have paid the Sekulow family an estimated $33 million for their legal advocacy.

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