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TRAILER: Limelight

It may be a boring-ass mini-mall today, but once upon a time the Limelight was the nightclub. I didn't live in NYC during its heyday, but I always made at least one visit any time I was in town. It's the only nightclub I've ever been thrown out of! True story. I also own the starburst light fixture that used to hang over the DJ booth.
As the owner of legendary hotspots like Limelight, Tunnel, Palladium and Club USA, Peter Gatien was the king of the New York club scene until years of legal battles led to his eventual deportation to Canada. This exuberant documentary charts Gatien's rise and fall against the transformation of New York City, offering a wild ride through a now-closed chapter in the history of NYC nightlife. From the director of "Cocaine Cowboys."
Limelight opens today in NYC.

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