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Tweet Of The Day - PFAW

While the Family Research Council has wisely kept Bryan Fischer's name off the Values Voter Summit website, the convention's timetable reveals that Fischer is scheduled to take the podium immediately after Mitt Romney.

People For The American Way reacts:
People For the American Way president Michael Keegan urged Romney and his fellow presidential candidates to denounce Fischer’s bigotry before appearing with him at the event. “Bryan Fischer’s stunning record of public bigotry would make him a pariah in any sane political movement,” Keegan said. “But his long record of hate speech doesn’t seem to bother the supposed ‘mainstream’ GOP politicians like Mitt Romney and Rick Perry who are sharing the stage with him at an event sponsored by his employer. Candidates don’t have to agree with the views of everyone they appear with – but they should be wary of lending legitimacy to those who peddle hate and fear of their fellow Americans. If Mitt Romney wants to appeal to mainstream audiences, he should publicly disassociate himself from Fischer’s bigotry before handing him the podium."
Aside from Fischer's outrageous lies about LGBT people that are so often reported here on JMG, he's also said that the First Amendment only applies to Christians, that Native Americans shouldn't have the right to own property, and that black women "rut like rabbits" in order to produce welfare babies.

Will ANY of the GOP candidates react to PFAW's call?

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