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BUFFALO: School Suspends Student Who Taunted Sister Of Gay Suicide Victim

As we learned last month, the sister of 14 year-old bullying victim Jamey Rodemeyer was taunted with chants of "We're glad he's dead!" at a school event on the day of her brother's wake. The school has finally taken action.
School district superintendent Scott Martzloff confirmed that the student had been suspended and would be punished “to the fullest extent allowed under education law.” “We will not let the actions of any student threaten the emotional well-being of others,” he said. Police are considering charging a number of students in relation to Jamey’s death. Meanwhile, state legislation has been proposed to curb the problem of anti-gay and other forms of bullying. State Senator Jeffrey Klein’s bill is designed to “modernise New York State’s harassment laws and crack down on the emerging cyberbullying epidemic”.

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