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Ethics Complaint For Clarence Thomas

Several members of Congress have filed a formal ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas because of his wife's prominent role with the Tea Party.
"Public records demonstrate a failure by Justice Thomas to exercise the care expected of a Supreme Court Justice," the letter says. "Not only did Justice Thomas fail to report at least $1.6 million in income from his wife's employer, but the very public role played by his wife as co-founder, president and CEO of Liberty Central clearly merits investigation considering that federal law bars judges from participating in any matter in which their impartiality could be questioned. "The very public role played by his wife in opposing healthcare reform, and Justice Thomas’ insinuations in public speeches that he supports her positions, raises clear questions about the appearance of bias," it continues.
People For The America Way add:
The strikes against Thomas’ record are numerous. He has relationships with wealthy corporate benefactors such as Harlan Crow who have given him valuable gifts such as a Bible worth $19,000 and seed money for his wife’s Tea Party group, he has attended Koch-sponsored fundraisers, and he has failed to recuse himself from cases where briefs were filed by an organization (the arch-conservative American Enterprise Institute) that had provided him a valuable gift.

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