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Family Research Council: Don't Vaccinate Boys For HPV, Only Queers Get It

The Family Research Council has issued a statement in reaction to yesterday's CDC recommendation that boys get the HPV vaccine too.
The CDC is quick to point out that the vaccine also protects against anal, mouth, and throat cancer--but they downplay the fact that these cancers are almost entirely the result of men having homosexual sex! Apart from the cost of the shots (upwards of $140 million a year), perhaps the most infuriating aspect of all this is the government's insistence that we look for ways to minimize the impact of promiscuity instead of working to encourage the end of it. Rather than asking young people to change their behavior, society is scrambling to enable it. It's like trying to address the problem of drunk driving by making better airbags. We can't tackle long-term safety with short-term solutions. And unfortunately, tiptoeing around the fundamental problem--premarital sex and homosexual sex--shows how far off course we are.
They really truly want gay men dead.

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