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Frothy Mix: SNL Bullied Me!

Frothy Mix is denouncing the cast of Saturday Night Live as bullies after a sketch this weekend placed him unhappily perched on a Castro Street bar stool during a GOP debate. According the rules of SNL's debate, only viable candidates were actually invited to the studio.
Although Santorum, played by Andy Samberg, had only a limited roll in the sketch, he was portrayed as upset and uncomfortable. New Hampshire radio station WGIR asked Santorum on Sunday about the sketch, and the former Pennsylvania senator said that while he hadn't yet seen it, he had been "hammered" for his support of conservative principles. "We’ve been hammered by the left for my standing up for the traditional family and I will continue to do so," Santorum said. "The left, unfortunately, participates in bullying more than the right does. They say that they’re tolerant, and they’re anything but tolerant of people who disagree with them and support traditional values."

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