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KapoQuotable - Jimmy LaSalvia

"We at GOProud are thrilled at this opportunity. We look forward to gay people everywhere getting a chance to hear about our organizations and hear from Ann Coulter – simply the smartest, funniest and most stylish woman in politics today. We thank Ann for agreeing to do this and for continuing her outspoken support for gay conservatives." - GOProud's Jimmy LaSalvia, who appears in the upcoming episode of Logo's The A-List: Dallas. (And by "outspoken support" he means that Coulter endorses GOProud's platform of supporting anybody that would like to see you in prison.)

RELATED: There's a boycott page on Facebook already, of course. When I sent the link to Logo's Twitter dude, he fired back: "Aw man looks like we lost the cranky demographic."

CORRECTION: JMG reader AlanT tips us that the above-linked boycott page actually predates the Coulter/GOProud flap, although the most recent entries there do refer to it.

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