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NEW YORK CITY: Hasidic Jewish Group Claims Gay Marriage Leads To Pedophilia

The Failed Messiah blog reports that one of Brooklyn's fringe Jewish groups wants to put up signs warning against gay pedophiles. According to this hate group, molestations of boys "has surged since gay marriage became legal." (This is not the same group that last week posted signs ordering women to step aside when men approach.)

JPAC (Jewish Political Action Committee) is offering free anti-gay signs. From their email:
The Jewish Political Action Committee is now organizing an awareness program to stop Gay molesters from attacking children and teens. Since the gay marriage bill in New York was introduced,there has been a surge of gay attacks against youngsters in New York. Children and teens are now at the mercy of the militant gay liberals who are brainwashing society to their evil. We in JPAC have been flooded with complaints of this type of wicked behavior even in orthodox circles. It was modern orthodox politicians as well as materialistic orthodox individuals who aided or kept silent on the gay marriage bill in exchange for a kool 25 million dollars. We are not here to expose these individuals and groups but to let the honest orthodox G-d serving Jew know what to watch out for.
According to JPAC, "God sent AIDS to punish homosexuals."

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