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Obama: Still Working On Gay Marriage

Washington Post:
President Barack Obama says he is “still working” on his views of gay marriage. Obama’s comments come one year after he told liberal bloggers that his views on gay marriage were “evolving.” He supports civil unions, but has thus far not backed same-sex marriage. During an interview with ABC News on Monday, Obama said gay couples should, at a minimum, have strong civil unions. But he stopped short of backing gay marriage. Obama says his evolving views are influenced by friends, family and children of gay couples he knows who are thriving.
When I was on SiriusXM during the president's speech to the HRC, we speculated about his famed "evolution" on marriage. My point was that there's probably not one person in the country (on either side of the issue) who doesn't believe that Obama personally supports gay marriage. Therefore, I'm not really seeing the loss of that much political capital by actually saying so.

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