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Slaggie Gilamonster: Gays Hate Marriage Because They Suffered As Children

"I walked into the heart of the gay marriage debate to defend one great principle of truth: Marriage is the union of husband and wife because children long for their mother and father. But this the gay elites cannot tolerate -- not the idea that anyone can see our Christian moral tradition as good. To the gay rights movement, a strong moral confidence in the goodness of our marriage tradition is in itself the core moral offense, which requires disciplining, punishing, silencing, shunning. Why? So that legitimate pity for the gay man, and his suffering as a child, can be turned against the moral authority of chastity, for that system of sexual ethics that begins not with our desires but with our responsibility to discipline and elevate them." - Unchaste unwed mother Maggie Gallagher, in her nationally syndicated column.

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