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Tens Rally Against NH Marriage

The Family Research Council's hate bus rolled into Concord, New Hampshire yesterday where tens of people turned out to watch Tony Perkins goosestep around the parking lot of Holiday Inn Express.
Perkins and other opponents of gay marriage made clear yesterday morning at a "Restore Marriage Rally" in downtown Concord that they'll fight at the State House next year to repeal gay marriage in the state. Christopher Plante, northeast regional coordinator for the National Organization for Marriage, said New Hampshire was the first state to legalize gay marriage through legislation. (Vermont had passed same-sex marriage legislation a few months earlier in 2009 over a gubernatorial veto.) Six states now allow gay and lesbian couples to marry.
According to Perkins, the economy is failing because people aren't breeding fast enough: "You want to get the economy going again? We need to put a focus on marriage and on children, because that is our future. Look at the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) and growing the GDP - we'll never grow the GDP with a shrinking population."

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