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Archbishop Timothy Dolan: I Was Tricked Into Thinking Gay Marriage Wouldn't Pass

New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan says he and other Catholic bishops didn't strongly fight the marriage equality bill because they were deceived into believing it had no chance of passage.
“We fell for the assurances of people that we thought were political allies that this wasn’t going to go anywhere,” Dolan told Arroyo, pointing out that there was “some credibility” to this claim, since past efforts to legalize gay “marriage” in New York had failed. “So we had political allies who said, ‘Bishops, keep your ammo dry, you don’t have to pull out all the stops, speak on principle, speak up against this bill, but don’t really worry because it’s not going to go anywhere.’
Dolan is also reiterating his completely unproven claim that the Catholic Church has been threatened with lawsuits for refusing to host gay weddings.
“We said the next thing will be we’ll be sued if we don’t do marriage, we’re going to be harassed if we don’t do receptions, we’re going to be penalized if we don’t allow adoption, we’re going to be booed if we don’t hire these people,” Dolan told Arroyo. But he said, people responded saying, “You’re paranoid, you’re Chicken Littles. It’s never going to happen. Well, Dolan said, “It’s already happening.”
There has not yet been one single news report of even the threat of any such legal action against the Catholic Church. Dolan says he and other bishops will now work to ensure that the New York "mistake" doesn't happen anywhere else.

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