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BRITAIN: Government Retreats On Vow To Cut Aid To Anti-Gay Nations

The British government now says it was misunderstood over plans to cut humanitarian aid to nations that abuse their LGBT citizens. The plan was denounced by more than a dozen African nations as well as human rights activists both in the nations likely to be affected and in Britain. LGBT activist Peter Tatchell reacts:
“The commitment of the UK government to global human rights, including LGBTI rights, is welcome and commendable. I am pleased to hear that no cuts in aid are planned. Although human rights abuses are unacceptable and violate international humanitarian law, any reduction in aid would penalise the poorest, most vulnerable people in developing countries. Many are dependent on aid for basic needs like food, clean water, health care and education. They should not be made to suffer because of human rights abuses by their governments."
A British official clarified that some funds will be directed away from abusive governments, but he promised that aid will still reach those in need.

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