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The Gay Gestapo Strikes! Again!

The kapos at GOProud have found a sinister link between ousted Oscars producer Brett Ratner and JMG, even though I've never blogged about him. From Chris Barron's just-posted piece on Tucker Carlson's Daily Caller site.
GLAAD is the leading mouthpiece for the gay Gestapo in this country. While pretending to be the vanguard for tolerance and diversity, the gay Gestapo is actually committed to stomping out anyone who doesn’t buy into their radical left-wing political agenda. For all the talk of “tolerance” and “diversity,” it is clear that there is zero tolerance for ideological diversity with the gay Gestapo.

GLAAD’s tag line is “Words and images matter.” Of course, this didn’t stop GLAAD from giving its “Blogger of the Year Award” to Joe Jervis of the blog “Joe My God.” Jervis’s blog, which has been the subject of a Daily Caller story in the past, regularly attacks gay conservatives. As was pointed out in the Daily Caller story from earlier this year, “Jervis’s site is littered with hateful and misogynistic comments on his message boards …”

Unbelievably, Jervis goes as far as allowing calls for actual violence against gay conservatives to stand on his site. On two separate occasions, Jervis has openly ridiculed incidents of violent anti-gay hate crimes against gay conservatives. Apparently, words and images don’t matter to GLAAD’s members as long as the subject of those attacks is someone they disagree with politically.
Everybody got that? We're the "dumb as shit gay left Taliban" and "the gay Gestapo," but don't call THEM any naughty names! Cuz that's just mean! Such language makes Jimmy LaSalvia's frosted bangs positively quiver with lady rage! Oh well, at least they're taking time out from their regular Twitter campaign of calling me fat.

NOTE: As regular readers know, several times a year I post admonishments about comments that threaten physical violence against anybody. As this is one of the highest comment-volume LGBT blogs in the country, I certainly cannot read more than a fraction of what is posted. Please email me if you see any comment making a physical threat, no matter how idle it seems.

UPDATE: Towleroad rips GOProud for this latest bit of batshittery.

UPDATE II: Readers report that their comments are being deleted at Daily Caller. That's kinda funny, considering.

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