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GOProud Member Taylor Garrett Claims Another Hate Crime Over Ann Coulter

GOProud member and Logo reality show cast member Taylor Garrett is once again claiming to be a victim of a hate crime because of his political views. Last month Garrett claimed that a rock was thrown through his window because he'd dined with Ann Coulter. That alleged incident, which was conveniently timed to coincide with the debut episode of The A List: Dallas, was widely derided across the gay blogosphere as having been staged. The show's producer even tweeted congratulations to Garrett for creating a buzz for the show with his claim.

According to this latest claim, on Friday night a mysterious "large man" was waiting by Garrett's car outside a party he was attending. From Daily Caller, the website of notorious homophobe Tucker Carlson:
A cast member of the gay reality TV show “A-List Dallas” tells The Daily Caller that he was punched to the ground and bloodied Friday night by someone vandalizing his car because he’s a gay conservative associated with commentator Ann Coulter. Taylor Garrett, a Republican consultant in Texas who stars in the reality series on the channel LOGO TV, said in an interview that he was attacked outside a birthday party in Dallas after finding a vandal scratching “F–k Coulter” on the side of his car. Garrett said the incident reflects a troubling mindset. The Democrats want me to live on their plantation as their slave, because I’m a gay person,” he said. “And I refuse to do that.” Photos provided by Garrett to TheDC show the phrase about Coulter keyed in large letters across his car. Other photos show Garrett with a bloody ear and blood covering his white shirt.
Garrett says he's being targeted because he's brave enough to show the world that he's a gay conservative Christian. One must wonder if Eugene Delgaudio is writing for Logo these days.

RELATED: Last week Garrett received the "Youth Leadership Award" from the Greater Metroplex Republican Club, the gay GOP group reformed in Dallas after the Log Cabin Republicans dissolved their local chapter in a racism-fueled scandal. GOProud founders Chris Barron and Jimmy LaSalvia attended the event.

UPDATE: GOProud convicts you without evidence.

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