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HomoQuotable - Larry Kramer

"At the height of the Holocaust, when Jews were being shoveled into the ovens by the trainload, a great woman by the name of Hannah Arendt, who was a political philosopher – Jewish, obviously, and German – said, in essence, to all of the Jews in the world, 'Why are you allowing this to happen? Where is your army?' She thought the Jews should actually have their own army, which was an unbelievable thing for a woman to say. And, in essence, she was saying, 'You brought all this on yourselves. You get what you deserve. You're not fighting back. And you've never fought back, ever, in your whole history.' And I say that about us, too. People don't want to hear it." - Larry Kramer, speaking to Metro Weekly's Chris Geidner.

Read the entire interview.

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