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NOM Hires Tea Party Lawyer Cleta Mitchell In Battle To Evade MN Campaign Laws

NOM has hired notorious Tea Party attorney Cleta Mitchell in their battle to evade Minnesota's campaign finance disclosure laws.
Mitchell registered as a lobbyist with the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board last Wednesday, according to board records. She’s the only lobbyist that NOM has currently registered in Minnesota, although NOM President Brian Brown was registered for a month earlier this year. Mitchell is a rising star in conservative politics, mainly for her efforts in opposing campaign finance laws and helping candidates and groups exploit loopholes in existing laws.
Mitchell has already written a letter to Minnesota's election board in which she claims that rabid homofascists will physically attack innocent Christians should their anti-gay donations be made public. Mitchell: "This regulatory scheme is unlawful, is not constitutionally sound, threatens NOM members, donors and supporters with personal injury and harm and the Board should cease immediately its efforts to rewrite Minnesota law to achieve this unlawful purpose."

RELATED: You may recall that Mitchell spearheaded the failed attempt to repeal same-sex marriage in Washington DC. She also led a CPAC walk-out over the attendance of GOProud.

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