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Quote Of The Day - Sen. Diane Feinstein

"Virtually any advance in civil rights or any kind of rights has been carried by the Democratic Party. It’s just a fact. So, we’ll just march on. We’ll continue this. And if I have to reintroduce it next session, I’ll reintroduce it. Session after that, I’ll reintroduce it." - Sen. Diane Feinstein, acknowledging the temporary end of the campaign to repeal DOMA legislatively. On Thursday her repeal bill passed 10-8 in the Senate Judiciary Committee, but the measure will not be brought to the full chamber because it would not pass.

RELATED: Although the repeal battle is over in Congress until at least 2013, the Family Research Council and NOM both launched petition campaigns against it this week in a typically deceptive ploy to raise money on the fear of something that cannot possibly happen.

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