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AUSTRALIA: Government Makes It Easier For Gays To Marry In Other Countries

An interesting development.
The Australian government has lifted a ban which hindered the ability of gay couples to marry overseas. Many countries require Certificates of No Impediment to Marriage before they allow a couple to wed, but for gay Australians, these have been impossible to acquire from their home government. Attorney-General Robert McClelland announced the change of policy at the ruling Labor party’s National Conference. In 2009, a Senate inquiry recommended the ban be overturned, but Ms Gillard said at the time: “Given that under Australian law through the Marriage Act a marriage is between a man and a woman it would not be proper to issue a certificate of no impediment because in truth we do not have the mechanism under current law to recognise a same-sex marriage overseas."
Foreign marriages will remain unrecognized at home, but "can be used as evidence of relationships for regional law."

RELATED: Over the weekend Australia's Labor Party voted to make marriage equality their official policy and goal.

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