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Brian Brownshirt Attacks Ron Paul

"Ron Paul holds positions that many conservatives support, but his position on marriage is far out of the mainstream and is simply unacceptable. Marriage between one man and one woman has been the foundation of American society and American families. It is truly radical for a serious presidential candidate to blithely cast marriage aside, suggesting that any private arrangement between adults can be called marriage. Marriage uniquely serves the common good and America deserves a president who respects that. Quite frankly, Ron Paul is worse on marriage than even Barack Obama." - NOM president Brian Brownshirt, in a post promoting yesterday's launch of NOM's anti-Paul website.

RELATED: Last month a Mother Jones reporter exposed Brownshirt for attending a megawealthy fundraiser for fellow Catholic Newt Gingrich. NOM has remained completely silent on their secret funding of the Gingrich campaign.

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