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Changes For SF's Castro Theater?

Roger Ebert just tweeted that San Francisco's magnificent and legendary Castro Theater is changing its focus away from movies. Others on Twitter report that some of the employees have already been let go. (The theater's online calendar still shows a full schedule through the end of December.) The blog that Ebert links to says that the venue will still host the occasional film festival, but that the building will be remodeled into a live music hall. I'll update this post when more is known.

UPDATE: Well-known SF promoter Marc Huestis denies the above report in a comment left on this post. An excerpt:
The rumors about the CASTRO are largely untrue spread 1 disgruntled employee, and picked up by one unreliable blogger & unfortunately going viral. Please this is THE PROBLEM with the internet- one person can spread their version of events and a blogger will pick it up and bend things out of shape. I have produced events at the Castro for 17 years and know the "inside baseball" and these rumors would be batted down if anyone was industriouness enough to do their job and actually REPORT.

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