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DVT Killed Heavy D

An update on the death of Heavy D:
An autopsy performed on Heavy D has revealed his cause of death to be a pulmonary embolism. The Los Angeles County coroner's office found that the rapper died of a blood clot in his lung, and also suffered from a deep leg vein thrombosis and heart disease at the time of his death. The blood clot was "most likely formed during an extended airplane ride," said Craig Harvey, chief of the Los Angeles County department of coroner. The rapper had just recently returned to L.A. from London before his death on November 8th.
Get up and walk around on long plane rides. I learned this the hard way when I too was diagnosed with DVT back in 1996. The doctor took one look at my swollen calf and then personally drove me to the hospital for three days of in-patient Coumadin, followed by two months of a fashionable pressure stocking. I was only 37, not overweight, and extremely lucky.

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