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Editorial Of The Day

From the Chicago Tribune:
The gay community wasn't trying to antagonize Catholics when it drew up a plan that would send its floats past the Belmont Avenue church next June. Last year's Chicago Pride Parade drew more than 700,000 spectators, and organizers and city officials agreed it had outgrown its old route. The change of venue was meant to address safety concerns, including accessibility for emergency vehicles. But the church's pastor objected, saying parishioners would have a hard time getting to Mass. [snip] Over the course of four decades, the Chicago Pride Parade has marched past hundreds of churches without stifling anyone's religious beliefs. Come June, it will do so again.
As usual, at least one of God's Gentle People™ has infested the Tribune's comments section with threats to assault/murder the editorial's author.
"If the guy that wrote this piece is looking for a fight, I'm ready to fight . . . if the writer is leading the gay pride parade when it goes by Mount Carmel church at any time, he'll find me waiting, and I'll teach him some 'rights' . . . . the right to worship without deliberate disruption." - Robert M. Kraus, Sr.

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