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Exorcise Your Demons!

For a low low price, Rev. Bob Larsen will exorcise you of the demons that are preventing you from becoming the millionaire that God wants you to be. You need only enroll on Larsen's site for his Demon Test®. It's trademarked!
No pastor, priest, or counselor has dwelt with more spiritually bound people sad seen them set free. This isn't counseling. This isn't therapy. This is intervention to get answers NOW! Your lifetime of suffering can end. Your torment can stop. The job you need, the relationships you desire will be within your reach. The choice is simple--stay stuck or move on to spiritual fulfillment and success in every area of life. Get free, stay free, and live free!
When Larsen was previously busted in financial and adultery scandals, he claimed that Satan had physically impersonated him to commit all those ungodly deeds. SRSLY. (Via - Rob Tisinai)

VIDEO: Here's a sample from Larsen's YouTube channel. It's really kind of hilarious until you remember that fakery like this allowed Larsen to buy his 6000 square foot vacation home in a gated ski resort community.

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