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Live Prop 8 Audio Begins Shortly

The final (probably) Prop 8 hearing before the Ninth Circuit Court begins at 2:30pm PST. It appears that there will be no streaming video from the court house, but San Francisco's KQED will be providing live audio. I'm told the stream will be internet only, so if you regularly listen to KQED broadcasts online, you'll need a different link. Supporters from both sides are already gathered outside the court house. Follow along on Twitter at #Prop8.

UPDATE: Well, THAT was infuriating, enlightening, uplifting, and aggravating. Often within the same minute. And things weren't helped by the borked audio signal which blew out early under the strain of a national web audience. Twitter experts seem to believe our side lost the videotapes issue but won the more important recusal argument. Olson and Boies were as eloquent and brilliant as we've come to expect. Olson just posted the below tweet.

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