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MINNESOTA: School Board Considers "Controversial Topics" Policy

In order to address bullying that has resulted in the suicides of several gay students, a local school board in Michele Bachmann's Minnesota district is considering allowing teachers to address "controversial topics" like homosexuality. And nobody is happy is about it.
At a standing room only school board meeting, district officials introduced a new proposal Monday night that in theory allows teachers to discuss homosexuality. It's part of what is being called the "Controversial Topics Curriculum Policy." But the policy does not specify what those 'controversial topics' are. Some believe the proposal should explain exactly what is deemed controversial. In fact, many people were still confused about what can or cannot be discussed in the classroom, which is why they urged the board to clarify the proposed policy before voting on it next month. And then there's the issue of the policy's official title. Tammy Aaberg, whose son Justin was one of a several Anoka-Hennepin students who committed suicide over the last two years after being bullied, wasn't too thrilled about calling the policy 'controversial'. "I read the policy and my heart started breaking all over again. Because now we're going from neutral on sexual orientation to labeling LBGT kids as controversial," said Aaberg.
The school district is being sued for not doing enough about bullying. (Tipped by JMG reader Shane)

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