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NEW YORK CITY: JMG Wins Village Voice 2011 Web Award For "Best Politics Blog"

Tonight my loyal companion Dr. Jeff accompanied me to some new hipster nightclub on the Lower East Side where this here website thingy was feted as the 2011 Village Voice Best Politics Blog! Squee! Just like last year! Re-squee! Like last time, I wasn't told who the other blogs in my category were. So I can't congratulate anybody just for being nominated. Which I would totally do. Yes.

The room was packed with the digerati of Manhattan, who were on hand for a slew of web awards such as Best Sports Blog (Deadspin), Best Music Blog (Stereogum), Best Food Blog (Chowhound), and Best Arts Blog (Art Fag Blog). Congrats to all and thanks to the Village Voice for the honor and all that free Chinese beer. I'll add a couple of photos to this post tomorrow and provide a link to the full list of winners when it goes up.

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