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NEW YORK: State Sen. Carl Kruger Sentenced To Nine Years In Prison

New York state Sen. Carl Kruger has been sentenced to nine years in prison for corruption. The Brooklyn Democrat resigned from the Senate shortly before making a plea agreement.
Also pleading guilty was Kruger’s boyfriend, gynecologist Michael Turano, who faces up to five years for depositing the nearly $500,000 in payoffs into his own business accounts. “I understood that part of this money was paid because Carl Kruger, acting in his official capacity as a member of the New York state Senate, sought to benefit those individuals or entities making such payments,” Turano said through tears. Turano, 50, then fell apart even worse than Kruger, bowing his head and weeping, his sobs amplified through the courtroom by a nearby microphone. The dramatic display left Kruger looking pained as he covered his eyes with one hand. Kruger — who infuriated gays and lesbians by opposing same-sex marriage before reversing himself this year — has refused to acknowledge his relationship with Turano, despite wiretaps in which they were caught engaging in “baby talk” and discussing how Kruger fell in love with Turano at first sight.
And now we have to go through another special election.

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