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Orthodox Rabbis Denounce Gay Weddings

Over 100 Orthodox rabbis have signed a public denunciation of any rabbi that dares solemnize a gay union.
Some of the most prominent rabbinic figures in the Orthodox Jewish world, including Rabbi Hershel Schachter and Rabbi Hershel Reichman of Yeshiva University and Rabbi Elie Abadie of the Safra Synagogue – issued a statement declaring that, “By definition, a union that is not sanctioned by Torah law is not an Orthodox wedding, and by definition a person who conducts such a ceremony is not an Orthodox rabbi.”
Although all of the rabbis put their names to the above-linked document, one didn't want his name associated with his comment to a reporter.
“There is no such thing as a Jew who does not have spiritual struggles and challenges. We accept Jews who do not fully observe the Sabbath and do not keep kosher, and we accept those who struggle with sexual issues. However, just as we cannot accept someone who promotes desecration of the Sabbath and abandoning the laws of kashrut (kosher), or actively advocates adultery, we cannot accept someone who actively and publicly, promotes the practice of homosexuality.”
An interesting bit of Torah law appears in the article's comments.
I would like to correct: the Torah does not demand death penalty for gays. The Torah applies the death penalty to someone who willfully engaged in male to male penetration, before witnesses and after being warned. And the judges had the duty to try and find any flaw possible in the witnesses’ account so as not to put to death a human being, even though it would appear quite clear that he had done it. Bottom line: only the act can bring that punishment, not any kind of urge, or feeling, or opinion. Therefore, someone thing of himself as ‘gay’ shouldn’t feel any guilt, for he has not chosen that situation. His duty, however, is to fight and overcome this inclination, just like we all have to fight all our evil inclinations. Even if it means struggling all his life.

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