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Prop 8 Hearing Reactions

Lambda Legal
"The Court raked the lawyer for Prop 8's proponents over the coals for their argument that gay judges alone have special obligations to prove their impartiality that no other judge must bear. From the start, this motion was an offensive ploy by the proponents of Prop 8 to distract attention from the unconstitutionality of Prop 8 and the ongoing harm that that measure inflicts upon same-sex couples and their families. But the motion came at the expense of the integrity of the judicial system and the judges who have devoted their lives to public service and ensuring justice. We hope for a swift victory that will put this dangerous and desperate argument out of its misery."
National Center For Lesbian Rights
"It's no wonder that the Prop 8 proponents are doing everything they can to distract attention from the real issues in the Perry case and to hide the trial from public view. The proponents were given every opportunity to come forward at trial with any good reason to uphold Prop 8's treatment of same-sex couples as second-class citizens. They came up empty, so they decided to change the subject. Today, the Ninth Circuit appeared to see through at least part of their smokescreen. Regardless of how they rule on releasing the trial video, the judges seem ready to move ahead and decide whether Judge Walker's decision should be upheld on its merits. They did not seem at all inclined to throw out Judge Walker's detailed and carefully reasoned opinion on the basis of unfounded personal attacks on the integrity of the judicial process."
It's late so more reactions will likely come in the morning. I'll add them then.

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