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Quote Of The Day - Kate Kendell

"If you missed the hearing, count yourself lucky, for hardly ever in one courtroom have we been treated to the level of insult, bigotry, and stigmatizing trash that was presented by those defending Prop 8. [snip] It’s no wonder that the Prop 8 proponents are doing everything they can to distract attention from the real issues in the case and to hide the trial from public view. The proponents were given every opportunity to come forward at trial with any good reason to uphold Prop 8’s treatment of same-sex couples as second-class citizens. They came up empty, so they decided to change the subject.

"On Thursday, the Ninth Circuit appeared to see through at least part of their smokescreen. Regardless of how they rule on releasing the trial video, the judges seem ready to move ahead and decide whether Judge Walker’s decision should be upheld on its merits, not on the basis of unfounded personal attacks on the integrity of the judicial process. The arguments yesterday were hard to hear. The good news is they represent the swan song of our venal and feckless opposition. We are on the verge of sweeping change and after yesterday’s moronic display, that day cannot come soon enough." - Kate Kendell, executive director for the National Center for Lesbian Rights, writing for the Advocate.

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