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Vaccine Deniers Plan New Year's Eve Ad

Perhaps fueled by Michele "Vaccines Cause Retardation" Bachmann, a vaccine denial group plans to show their latest ad to the one million+ throng that will gather in Times Square on New Years Eve. The ad has already been running twice an hour there since last week.
“In 2012, NVIC is marking our 30th year of public education and consumer empowerment,” said NVIC co-founder and president Barbara Loe Fisher. “With so many health care options available today, becoming an educated health care consumer is essential and our pro-informed consent message will be seen by millions on New Year’s Eve.” The full-color LED screen on which NVIC’s ad is appearing is located near the Times Square Information Center in the heart of the Broadway district and is one of the largest digital display screens in the Times Square area. An estimated one million people pack the Times Square area during New Year’s Eve and the celebration is viewed on television by billions of people around the world.

(Via - The Friendly Atheist)

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