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Brooklyn Landlord: No Non-Jews

As I've noted here on several occasions, Brooklyn's Hasidic communities have been increasing their attempts to impose religious law on their neighborhoods. We've seen demands that women sit at the back of public buses and we've seen street signs commanding women to step aside for approaching men. We've seen attempts to ban bike lanes so that "immodestly dressed" female bikers don't "flaunt their bodies" as they pass through Hasidic neighborhoods.

And now we have an open letter from one Lubavich landlord demanding that other landlords stop renting to non-Jews. An excerpt:
Friends, we pay a premium to live in this neighborhood, and we strive to create an atmosphere of holiness and kedusha for our children and teens. These yuppies bring pritzus to our neighborhood. They come out at night to our restaurants and act inappropriately while waiting on line etc. We would hope that landlords, especially the Crown Heights landlords, would put a priority on our values, but sadly the need to make money is taking precedence for them. Some young agents and landlords will specifically rent to these goyim instead of a fellow Jewish family. Sadly, some homeowners have gone as far as bringing these yuppies as tenants in their home in prime locations. Therefore, I suggest taking appropriate actions to help preserve the special unique nature of our neighborhood.
Among this landlord's complaints is that (presumably female) goyim have been seen sunning themselves on their rooftop patios.

RELATED: The Chabad-Lubavich sect, the world's largest Jewish organization, has its headquarters in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Many followers believe that Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson will return to rule the world as its messiah. Schneerson died in 1994.

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