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GOProud Cheers Romney & Paul

GOProud has issued a press release cheering the caucus results of Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. They make no mention of Rick Santorum.
"While there are certainly big differences between Governor Romney and Congressman Paul, especially when it comes to foreign policy, both chose to emphasize issues like the economy and the size of government over demonizing gay people. We are pleased to see that so many Republicans in Iowa are focused on the issues that unite us as conservatives, instead of the side show issues. The results tonight are good news for all Americans – both gay and straight – struggling to make ends meet in this failed Obama economy and bad news for the President’s re-election prospects."
That's actually a slightly less horrible message than we're used to from GOProud. Maybe because ousted chairman Chris Barron didn't write it? (Via - Pam Spaulding)

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