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GOProud's New Straight Chairperson Has A Big Problem With JMG Commenters

Probably because they themselves haven't done anything worth mentioning, GOProud has published their third or fourth opinion column denouncing JMG commenters. Today's whinefest is the first public statement from new chairperson Lisa De Pasquale, other than her press release issued on the day that their now "chairman emeritus" Chris Barron resigned in the face of an outing scandal.
Jervis, who describes his website as “a homo goulash fighting the fascist right,” routinely attacks gay conservatives and their allies. You know how well-meaning adults always tell children to ignore the bullies? It doesn’t work with gay-left activists like Jervis. Until now, I have never engaged or mentioned Jervis in any public forum, but he has routinely targeted me simply for being a member of GOProud’s Advisory Council. Now that I am serving as the interim chairman of the GOProud Board of Directors, I don’t expect his attacks to let up. Yet Jervis cloaks himself in empty rhetoric supporting the “It Gets Better” project. In addition to his own blog posts and comments on Twitter, Jervis turns a blind eye to comments on his blog that are just as ugly as the comments of the bullies he claims to fight. For instance, one commenter wrote in his comments section, “Every time a gay suicide is reported on the news, Mr. & Mrs. Barron shake their heads and say ‘Dammit … it should have been Chris’” — a reference to Chris Barron. Another wrote, “If you’re going to run with [Coulter] you better wear armour.”
"Routinely targeted"? Well, there's the above-cited GOProud press release that was excerpted here in December. Other than that, De Pasquale's name has never appeared here. As for Twitter, see for yourself. But hey, if Lady Miss Straight GOProud wants some attention, we're happy to give it to her. First, however, she should probably do something other than complain about anonymous meanies on the interwebs.

NOTE: It's important to mention that the above-linked GOProud article repeats their tired lie about threats of violence posted here on JMG. As I have stated here numerous times, even the most casual of threats against any person or property, no matter how idle, are not permitted. Obviously I cannot read all of the (often) thousands of daily comments here, so I depend on you folks to alert me to unacceptable messages. As many of you know, threats of violence posted here are usually made by our enemies in the hopes of grabbing screenshots for posts like the one made today by GOProud.

RELATED: Today's essay by Miss De Pasquale was posted on the site of proud gay-basher Tucker Carlson. Sharing screen space with her article is the latest screed from Matt Barber of the anti-gay hate group Liberty Counsel, an organization that works tirelessly to defame gay people and thwart our civil rights. By joining forces with groups that would like to see each and every one of us thrown in prison, GOProud again reveals its true mission.

UPDATE: You are all liberal cockroaches for saying mean things about GOProud! Stop that mean talk or they'll write another complaint column!

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